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1. NOTE: You can NOT update from version 1.xx to 2.xx You must uninstall 1.xx then download and install the full version of 2.0 - all your settings will be maintained.

The following files contain the ERC executable and readme files only. If you are not already using ERC, you must download and install the full version first.

Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP - 2.02.01 (137,711 bytes) [ 1 minute at 56.6K ]

2.02.01 - Added "Pre-Check" section to ERC to allow either running a file or pinging a host before checking for mail. You can use this functionality to initiate a connection. There is also a delay function to cause ERC to wait X seconds between performing a pre-check function and checking for mail. Added cumulative message counter to the Log screen to track how many messages have been checked (the 'Clear' button will clear the log and reset the counter to 0) Added 'IP' buttons to test for DNS name resolution. Added double click to Log screen to view entry incase it goes "off-screen"
2. Once the Update has downloaded, unzip the file and overwrite the original ERC executable and readme files by copying them over the old files.
3. If you use ERC and like it, we'd appreciate if you dropped us a line with your comments!

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