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Release notes for EFS Version 5.x


5.70 R.I.P EFS (1997 - 2013) --- FINAL RELEASE ---

EFS utilises a handful of mail library files developed by a 3rd party software vendor. There are known issues in one of those mail controls which causes intermittent blank emails if EFS is used with Exchange 2010. The vendor of these 3rd party controls is no longer in business and we have been unable to obtain the source code for these controls to remedy this problem. Due to this reason, EFS will no longer be developed or supported (it actually has since Nov 2011). Additionally for that reason, EFS has now been re-licensed as "donationware". A final version of EFS Advanced Plus has now been released for public use. NO further support will be provided and NO refunds will be provided for ANY prior registrations paid for. Fee's for EFS Advanced Plus are now optional and payments can be made via Paypal if the user kindly wishes to make any form of small contribution. Thank you all for your support over the years its been quite an experience.

5.61 Added 'Message Activity Monitor' option to Pop3 section (enabled by default) giving the option to disable if needed - when enabled, EFS monitors the activity of each pop3 message being retrieved, and drops the connection if no data is retrieved within a specific time period. Added 'Backup Messages' option to Control section (Advanced Plus only) allowing you to select a path to backup email messages too. To tell EFS to store messages in subfolders by date, create a REG_SZ registry key called BackupFormat under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Chimera\Control that contains the format of the subfolders. For example, assume the date that EFS retrieves messages is 14th of November 2010, enabling this option and choosing "C:\EFSBackup" as the parent folder, then adding a BackupFormat key to registry in the format:

Example 1. "yymmdd" would create backups in subfolder C:\EFSBackup\101114\
Example 2. "yyyy\\mmm" would create backups in the subfolder C:\EFSBackup\2010\Nov\
Example 3. "yyyy\\mmmm\\dd" would create backups in the subfolder C:\EFSBackup\10\November\14\

The default key is "yyyy\\mmm\\dd" (Eg: C:\EFSBackup\2010\Nov\14\)

Note: You must use double back slashes if specifying more than one subfolder. You must restart EFS for changes to take effect if you make changes to this key in registry. 5.60.02, fixed error where progress bar stayed at 40% if no email was retrieved. Added more detailed debugging information to the Logs screen when EFS debugging is enabled (click EFS icon from the Log screen, then click the Debug button and choose yes. Do NOT leave debugging enabled under normal use) 5.61.03, fixed issue where if leave mail on host was on and there were > 1000 messages on the Pop3 server, EFS would reschedule 5.61.04, added track by number option in addition to leave mail on server. This can help optimise retrieval of messages if you are leaving mail on the pop3 server. EFS does this by keeping note of the last 'count' of pop3 messages retrieved if the messages on the server are > 100. The next time it checks for mail, it starts to check from the last total less 5 messages rather than from message 1 (the 5 messages prior are to confirm they have been retrieved before, they are not retrieved again). Fixed mail history logging where if subject contained carriage returns or line feeds would cause input errors to appear in the history viewer (typically caused by UTF8 encoding) 5.61.05, fixed issue where Pop3 connection would be attempted if a previous connection was already established. 5.61.06, minor fixes. 5.61.07, included message activity monitor to analyse connection prior to messages downloaded due to rare cases where Pop3 timeout would not be invoked, and connection appeared to lockup when sending pop3 username to Pop3 server. 5.61.08, minor changes to Pop3 error handling. 5.61.09, minor fixes to SMTP error handling and scheduling

5.60 Fixes a bug where parsing an invalid From: header would cause mail to be delivered to the postmaster. EFS now re-writes the From: header based on RFC standards. 5.60.02, validation routine added to 'Error' message sending to check for message loops. On rare occasions, an array bounds issue caused the RCPT TO address to be concatenated from a previous email. 5.60.03, added code to disregard recipients prefixed with 'envelope-from' in Received headers - this typically occuring when mail is sent from a branch office to head office when recipients are in the same domain, 5.60.04, Removed 'Firewall' tab and functionality from EFS due to its infrequent usage. Changed 'leave on host' setting in EFS, by default EFS only allows up to 1,000 emails per pop3 check interval - this primarily effects those who 'leave mail on the pop3 server'. Added the ability to override this by specifying a key (DWORD) 'MaxEmailOnHost' in registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Chimera\EFS\POP3Settings' with a decimal value of the desired number (to a maximum of 65535) Removed logging of "message x already retrieved" for each message not retrieved (message now summarised) for better performance. 5.60.05, integrated the ability for EFS to install/uninstall as a service into the GUI. 5.60.06, added advanced timeout functionality to detect for frozen pop3 connections, fixed minor errors. 5.60.07, fixed issue with TOP N command where EFS would not retrieve mail if the Pop3 server did not support this even if 'Fix Duplicates' was disabled. 5.60.08, fixed issue where EFS would fail with "send failed, possible invalid email alias?" followed by "forcing shutdown of SMTP connection". EFS now handles incorrectly formatted recipient addresses and can either move the message to the Errors folder (default) or the connection forced to continue (setting under Control tab to allow EFS to attempt to continue even on badly formatted email addresses) 5.60.09, fixed issue accidentally introduced in .07 where recipient addresses in Received headers would be ignored if the header also contained an envelope-from address. 5.60.10, fixed issue where certain length email address would be ommited from being sent, due to an error in the envelope-from checking process. Minor fixes with sending test emails. 5.60.11, fixed issue where mail in errors folder would not be sent, fixed issue where some messages generated 'ERROR: empty or corrupt message file (1) or SMTP relay denied' 5.60.12, extended error handling for minor issues, tidied up warning and test emails to postmaster to be in HTML format. 5.60.13, fix issue where EFS did not adhere to the 'dont send error messages to postmaster' when an Alias exists that is set to ignore. Increased message activity timeout monitor from 30 to 60 seconds IF the Pop3 timeout is set to a number greater than 60 seconds (so if pop3 server timeout is less than 5 seconds then activity timer = 5 seconds, if pop3 server timeout is between 5-60 seconds then activity timer = 30 seconds, and if pop3 server timeout is greater than 60 seconds, activity timer = 60 seconds)

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