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1. NOTE: You can NOT update from version 5.0 to 5.5x You must uninstall 5.0 then download and install the full version of 5.5x - all your settings will be maintained (this also includes upgrading from version 4.0 - you must download the full version first and uninstall the old version) If you still wish to use an older version of EFS, you can download the latest upgrade for this release below...

The following files contain the EFS executable and readme files only. If you are not already using at least EFS 5.57, you must uninstall your current version then download and install the full version first.

EFS - 5.70.00 (final) (277KbB) [ 1 minute at 56.6K ]
Release Notes for EFS 5.70
'Mail History Viewer' - 1.2 (Full version, 0.61MB)
  • Once downloading is complete, please check the file size is exactly the same as indicated above as downloads are sometimes abnormally terminated during peak hours on this server!
2. Once the Update has downloaded, unzip the file and overwrite the original EFS executable and readme files by copying them over the old files.
3. If you use EFS and like it, we'd appreciate if you dropped us a line with your comments! If you really like it, register it!

 'EFS ADVANCED' Features and Registration Information