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EFS - Secure Pop3



Natively, EFS does not support POP3S (secure POP3) However, there is simple workaround for this using a very good product called "stunnel". This software 'proxies' the standard EFS POP3 port connecting securely via POP3S. It is exceptionally easy to install and configure, has a small footprint and can run on the same server as EFS (optionally as a service).

Perform the following:

1. Download the latest "stunnel" binary (.exe) from the following location

2. Install sTunnel on the same machine as EFS.

3. Create an 'stunnel.conf' file in the stunnel program folder that contains the following (replacing the '' portion to be your ISP's POP3S server and port)

client = yes
debug = debug

accept =
connect =

accept =
connect =

4. Change the Pop3 server in EFS to point to and the port to be 1109

5. Optionally, if your ISP supports SMTPS (secure SMTP) then point your local mail server smart host entry (assuming you are configured to use a smart host) to be and port to be 259 and the '' to be the remote ISP SMTPS server. Outbound traffic from your mail server to the Internet is then proxied through sTunnel

Essentially EFS connects locally to stunnel on port 1109, and stunnel acts as an intermediary proxying the standard EFS Pop3 port via a secure Pop3 tunnel to your ISP. You can alter the "listening" ports in the config file and EFS if the respective ports are already in use.

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