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EFS - Scheduling



  • Normal scheduling
  • You have a variety of options available to check for mail. You can use the standard scheduling feature in EFS that allows you to specify a interval between 2 to 300 minutes (5 hours) to check for mail. There are two check time settings available, one for weekdays and one for weekends. You can also check on designated days of the week, either all day or between certain times. For more information on scheduling, see the EFS help per screen - schedule
  • "Marker File Checking"
  • An alternative is to use "Marker File Checking". This method initiates a check when the file "marker.efs" exists in the EFS folder (C:\Program Files\E.F.S\) You can use this option if you want different scheduling times than EFS offers. For example, schedule using Wingate or MS Exchange. For example, say if you wanted Wingate to schedule checking for you, you would do the following:

    - Run EFS and enable Marker File Checking under Advanced options. Save the settings.
    - Create a batch file similar to the following:

    @echo off
    rem This batch file creates a check file by simply
    rem redirecting some dummy text to the file marker.efs
    echo Dummy Text > C:\Progra~1\E.F.S\marker.efs

    (Note that the C:\Progra~1\ above is the DOS equivalent to C:\Program Files\ when viewed from Windows)

    - Save it as C:\Program Files\E.F.S\efsbatch.bat
    - From Wingate's "Gatekeeper" program, double click the Scheduler option
    - Click Add, type a description in the box and choose when the event should occur
    - Click Add under Actions and choose "Execute Commandline"
    - In the Commandline, type: C:\Program Files\E.F.S\efscheck.bat
    - Click Run hidden if you don't want the DOS window to be displayed when the event is triggered
    - Click Ok, Ok, then choose Do Now to test.

    Wingate will run the batch file that will create the marker file and thus cause EFS to check. Choose Ok then File, Save Settings from the Gatekeeper menu.
  • "Open Port Checking"
  • EFS also has an "Open Port checking" feature. This means that in addition to automated checking, EFS can optionally poll the COM port. If it detects the port is open, say from another Internet "process", such as an outgoing email, a web request, ftp, telnet etc... EFS will utilise that time and check for email. This is especially useful if you're charged online usage time by your ISP.

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