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About Us: EFS was started as a part time project after I got fed up of searching the net for a decent mail retrieval/forwarding program. All the software I found either did part of what I wanted or didn't do it well at all. The company I worked for at the time wanted email but didn't want to pay big dollars for a mail server and all the licenses that go with it. I stumbled across EMWAC IMS in 1996 but again, found it did everything EXCEPT retrieve Internet mail (fixed IP's were expensive, SMTP feeds were costly), so, I started EFS. I decided to put it on the Net to see how many people were interested in it. As with most things unknown, it started slowly until it was assisted by a bit of free net-advertising with version 3.0 back in September 1996. From then on, downloads increased by the thousands. People kept emailing me asking for customisations and new features to run EFS with their own network, so, I worked closely with a few people with different mail servers and got it generic enough to make everyone happy.

ERC was released after a guy asked me for software to forward mail from a single Pop3 mailbox to another - since it was a simple matter of cutting down a version of EFS, it only took a couple of days and was released immediately after. A single user advanced version of ERC will always remain FREE, however there will be no further development on ERC.

The Name: "Chimera" (latin), pronounced "kai-meer-ra" and actually spelt "Khimaira", is a powerful and mythical beast that has the head of a male lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent. She was slain by Bellerophon with a golden arrow, while he rode on the back of her nephew, Pegasos (Pegasus).

Free Software: I always decided to keep a standard version of EFS specifically to allow small and non-profit organisations use EFS for free. The advanced version was initially released to cover ISP costs, but as many a business venture goes, it went from cold to red-hot in a matter of months. It is used by tens of thousands of companies in countries all over the world. As at 25 February 2013, EFS Standard has been released as fully featured software and development and support for EFS has been discontinued due to reasons outlined on the main page of EFS

Philosophy: Many have tried creating the ultimate "Pop3 Connector". Unfortunately, due to the number of non-standardised POP3 and SMTP mail servers, I dont believe anyone has perfected it yet. However I have worked closely with many many people in almost 15 years, all using different ISP's and mail servers. From this testing, I have tried to keep EFS as generic as possible yet have an exceptionally large list of customisable options to allow EFS to work with the majority "main-stream" mail servers (and a big thanks to all those who have helped test EFS for me).

R.I.P EFS, 25 Feb 2013.